We are forming a group to assist our costume designers. There are a variety of tasks that need to be done for any one show. We need people to :

  • Shop thrift stores for specific items
  • Be back stageduring performances to make emergency repairs
  • Sew – Basic hand sewing such as attaching buttons, Velcro or trim; or sewing a hem
    • Basic machine sewing such as seam repair, attaching waistbands, attaching elastic or trim, etc.
    • More advanced machine sewing such as temporary alterations, creating simple garments such as gathered skirts, capes, cummerbunds, etc.

If you are interested, contact Karen McKivergan at mschetah@hargray.com. Let her know what you can do and your email address. Before each show, you will be notified of what is needed and the dates. If you can help, respond to that notice and you will be contacted with more information.