Pre-Audition Workshops

These pre-audition workshops will give young actors the opportunity to give mock vocal and dance auditions Cold reads will also be practiced if time permits. Actors will receive feedback from the production team to help them improve their audition. Feedback will range from proper audition techniques, to very specific vocal feedback depending on the level of the actor. Pre-audition workshops are a great way for any actor who is considering auditions to get a first run out of the way, so that nerves affect them less during the audition itself. These workshops are also the perfect way for young actors to learn about the audition process and familiarize themselves with other actors that they will be working with.

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For auditions, please have prepared 16 bars (approximately 30 seconds) of music. Music does not need to be memorized but it helps. Music will be performed without accompaniment, but does not have to be from a Broadway show. We want to see actors show off their voices in whatever way that they find suitable. Music auditions will be followed by a small group dance auditions. Actors will be taught 16 bars of a dance and asked to perform it in groups of 5-10. We do not expect perfection on these dances but we do expect energy and effort.

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Any actor given a callback will be emailed a piece from the show to prepare. Actors will also be given sides from the script for cold reads in groups. Any actor at a callback is being considered for a lead role and expected to perform their song and cold reads in front of their peers. If you do not receive a callback, do not assume that you will not be cast. We are only calling back for a few roles.


The cast will be announced shortly following the callbacks. It will be posted on Facebook and on the website.

Please note to get to the Palmetto Hall Golf Club you will turn off towards the Club before getting to the gate entrance into Palmetto Hall.